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St. Francis Society

St. Francis of Assisi lived his life simply, loving God and seeing God in all of creation. His loving legacy of mercy and compassion inspired the women who founded our congregation. As Franciscan women, our mission is to live simply and be with those in material, physical, emotional, or spiritual women.

Many of our donors have chosen to honor their own legacy of mercy and compassion by including the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in their legacy planning.

All donors who have included the Sisters in their will or designated the Sisters as a beneficiary of other assets – regardless of percent or contribution – are members of the St. Francis Society. To learn how to include the Sisters in your will, click here.

St. Francis Society Benefits

  • Recognition as a St. Francis Society member, with name in our donor rolls and digital signage.
  • Special Celebratory Mass and reception at St. Francis Convent with other St. Francis Society members.
  • Special access to programs, events, and presentation at St. Francis Convent
  • Opportunity to share your story as a St. Francis Society member, encouraging others to include the Sisters in their planned giving.

To learn more about the St. Francis Society, email Nancy Ketchman or call 414-294-7329.

Click here to download a list of St. Francis Society members. If you do not see your name on this list or your name is spelled incorrectly, please email us with your full name. If you have included the Sisters in your will but have not yet notified us, please click here. We will then add your name to the St. Francis Society list.